The Holy Land of Mercury, Metis reflects its planet's name as "the star of water." Metis is covered in freshwater lakes, swamps, and bogs; there are rushing waterfalls that put Niagara to shame, churning rapids and wide, slowly flowing rivers. Other sections of Metis are huge, ice-covered lakes or rivers, perfect for skating.

The buildings of Metis are stately, European-style castles and manors, with gargoyles, fountains, and water ponds filled with water lilies and blue flags dominating outdoor gardens. Indeed, blue flags and other irises are abundant on Metis, as they are the holy flower of Metis--a flower which aptly means "message" in the language of flowers, and is named for a messenger goddess akin to Mercury himself.

The priest of Mercury and the Mercurian maenads are often preoccupied with their abstract, the preservation and spread of knowledge. Metis is famed for its highly advanced computer system, known as Aidia. At the center of the temple, Aidia's main CPU and hard drive are housed, but the AI can be accessed from just about any room or hall in the temple. Mercury's Goggles are networked to Aidia, and she can also use them to communicate with Coeus when he's present on Metis.

The Guardian Beast of Metis is the criosphinx, a ram-headed sphinx. Known as the guardians of ancient mysteries and riddles, it is an appropriate beast for a planet which represents knowledge.

An iris and criosphinx.