Hades is a dark, wet, cold holy land, covered with snow in the colder months and cloudy fog during the warmer half of the year. Fields of grass and occasional wildflowers are punctuated by low, scraggly trees. As the fields approach the temple, they give way to asphodel as far as the eye can see, their pristine blossoms making the fields appear as though they are blanketed in snow all year long.

In the center of Hades, a great pit in the earth surrounds a compass-shaped temple tower. Four rivers empty into this pit, becoming roaring waterfalls as they tumble below. the bottom of the tower is filled with water, and a broad stone porch rises above the misty lake.

Pluto's abstract is revolution, and the guardians of Hades see themselves as the overseers of change and upheaval. While Sailor Pluto tries to maintain order and minimize the chaos revolution can bring, Sailor Charon's role is to incite the forces that bring change about. Because of their often dueling roles, the priest of Hades acts as a force that keeps these opposing roles in balance, allowing upheaval to occur when necessary but minimizing unneeded chaos and suffering.

The guardian beast of Pluto is the Cerberus, a three-headed dog that aptly represents these three roles. Cerberus also serves as a strong guardian of the underworld, and this huge canine can protect his holy land well when it is in crisis.

Asphodel and Cerberus.