Elysion is known for it's low, rolling mountains, covered in thick forests and spotted with rivers and lakes. Surrounding the spire-topped shrine is a huge, still lake encircled with extensive rose gardens. It is a land that emanates calm and sanctity.

The shrine of Elysion is a place for contemplation and prayer, and because of this, the shrine is small, clean, and simple. The exception is the large library of Elysion that houses all of the literature of Earth.

Helios and his guardian Maenads devote most of their time to meditation for which Elysion is so well known, and it is this contemplation that keeps the Earth and Moon so well-connected and balanced. Because there is only one Moon orbiting earth, the bond between these three powers is especially strong.

Elysion's guardian beast is the pegasus, a winged and horned horse. The rose is well known as its symbolic flower, a plant that has come to be closely associated with King Endymion.

A rose and pegasus.