The Holy Land of Venus, Aphrodite has the warm, paradisal feel of the Mediterranean. Expansive seas and inlets are surrounded by fields of roses, lavender and myrtle. These give way to forests of poplar, willow, and flowering rosewoods. Although there are cliffs that tower above the sea and rolling hillsides, Aphrodite is low in altitude and no walk or hike through this holy land would be difficult or taxing.

the temple of Aphrodite and its outlying buildings are ornate, Rococo-style castles covered in gold leaf and intricate murals and woodcarvings. Most people would consider Aphrodite decadent to the point of garishness, but Venusians consider over-the-top decoration an expression of their zest for life (and love). The gardens are filled with plants of all kinds, but especially roses and the symbolic flower of Venus, the myrtle plant.

The priest and maenads of Aphrodite serve as matchmakers and marriage counselors par excellence, ready to give advice or help whenever a romance is first beginning to bud or threatens to wither and die. They also serve as highly demanded wedding officiants, and having a Aphroditan priest or maenad bless a wedding is considered supremely lucky.

The swan serves as the guardian beast of Venus, and it is the only guardian beast that can also be found on earth. As the animal typically associated with Venus herself, they are a fitting choice.

crape myrtle and a swan.