The Church of Serenity

Fubuki stood and regarded the Church of Serenity. She took in the sight of its massive statues of each of the Queen's four Sailor Guardians and the great Sailor Warriors of the outer planets. Their handsomely chiseled marble features made each of them look equally beautiful and exactly the same; the ideal images of the gods, who protected mortals in the path to self-actualization that each graceful goddess and god had already achieved. The huge crystal obelisk of the church stretched gracefully into the sky, and a sparkling, platinum crescent moon stood at its peak. The image of grandeur was before her.

At the time of the Queen's Ascension, it became immediately apparent that Neo Queen Serenity was not an ordinary woman. Building a castle of pure crystal from her willpower alone, wielding a stone that could make men's lives endless and banish sickness and famine from the Earth... Neo Queen Serenity's true nature was obvious; that of a God. Her four Sailor Warriors, who wielded the power of their respective planets to strike down evil, were powerful gods in their own right.

The Church of Serenity formed around them, a movement that worshipped Neo Queen Serenity as a mother goddess and deity of the moon. Her male counterpart, Endymion, was the god of the sun; and their entourage guarded the planets of the solar system and the people who resided within it.

The Sailor warriors were not sure what to make of this movement; their protestations that they were not gods fell on deaf ears, and now the Church of Serenity's parishioners hang on her every word as though they are the edicts of God...