the Crimson Eagle

"Even if I can't force people to get along, I can protect them from each other as long as I stand between them."

  • Name: Erik vonDarkmoor
  • Prince title: Arutha
  • Knight Identity: The Crimson Eagle
  • Moon: Triton
  • Abstract Idea: Willpower
  • Element of Influence: Hurricanes
  • Weapon: Katana
  • Age: 280
  • Birth Date: May 18th
  • Astrological Sign: Taurus
  • Height: 6'5"
  • Hobbies: Reading, Meditation, Kendo
  • Favorite Color: Blue
  • Favorite Food: Rice
  • Least Favorite Food: None
  • Strengths: Self-control, honor
  • Weaknesses: Failure, Empathy
  • Crystal Color: Blue

A swordsmith. A master of languages. A man with complete control of his temper. Given 280 years to hone himself, Erik took full advantage of the opportunity. He traveled the world, trained under his grandfather and became a master of fighting and introspection.

Despite his intellectual mastery, however, Erik has a poor understanding of his feelings and even less charm. He is painfully shy and seldom shares his feelings; it is unclear if, despite being as old as he is, he has ever had a long-term relationship. He lives alone in a cabin outside the city of Tokyo, willing to get up at ridiculous hours of the morning in order to commute. Despite having the physical and intellectual prowess to destroy them easily, it is almost as if Erik is afraid of people.

It may come, in fact, from something sinister that seems to have brewed in Erik's past. His uncle, Caspar, is a powerful Councilor in crystal tokyo--and his aunt, Didrika, is a powerful chancellor in Germany. Although his uncle lives nearby, however, Erik never talks or associates with him. Erik's parents, despite the immortality of all people in the 30th century, are mysteriously missing from his life. Erik says nothing of these things, however. He is willing to dispense advice to many of the Moon Senshi who populate the school where he works as an English teacher, but he never shares information about his own murky history.

His past as the Crimson Eagle is likewise shrouded. Although he seems to have some kind of painful memory haunting him, this, too, he never speaks of. It is known that he searched for the priests before their mysterious disappearance, but the reason for this is also unknown. And though even Sailor Saturn is able to recognize Erik's secret identity as the Crimson Eagle, Erik himself seems blissfully unaware of it. Meanwhile, the Crimson Eagle is just as bad at dealing with personal problems as Erik; his duty as a Knight demands that he try to prevent the escalating conflict between the Moon Senshi and Sailor Pinkmoon, but he can only comprehend how to do so in physical terms, standing bodily between them as they fight and demanding their surrender through force of arms.

If either Erik--or the Crimson Eagle--wants to break out of his ancient rut, he will have to learn take off his emotional armor and deal with the feelings, not just the physical strength, of his opponents.... The Crimson Eagle


A black iron mask, Erik's appears whenever he is needed as the Crimson Eagle.
Similar to a watch, the name of a moon is typed into the communicator to enable an audio-video channel with another senshi.
Iron Rings
These small, sharp, chakram-like rings can be thrown at an enemy like a shuriken.
Used more to threaten than kill, the Crimson Eagle's katana allows him to disable opponents.
Blue Crystal
Similar to Sailor Moon's crystal, Arutha's contains the powers of his element and abstract. His element, hurricane, can summon huge tropical seastorms of lightning, crashing waves and wind. His abstract, willpower, allows his targets to take hope when it seems that there is none. As a knight, however, Erik is discouraged--if not outright forbidden--from using his crystal directly.