Sailor Vesta

"I'll show you."

  • Name: Akiko
  • Princess Title: Vesta
  • Age: Unsure
  • Birthday: Unsure
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Astrological Sign: Unsure
  • Hobbies: Taking care of her cats
  • Favorite Color: Red
  • Favorite Gemstone: Tiger's eye
  • Favorite Food: takoyaki
  • Least Favorite Food: green tea ice cream
  • Favorite School Subject: physics
  • Least Favorite School Subject: Math
  • Strengths: Determined, virtuous
  • Weaknesses: impatient, judgmental

Hot tempered and high-minded, Akiko doesn't have much patience for the Moon Senshi or their angst. Fiercely loyal to Lady Serenity and her leader, Sailor Ceres, Vesta is content to be the Sailor Mars of her team, fighting in the Sailor Quartet without questioning who she is or where she's going.

But when Natsuko decides she wants to forge a new identity outside of just the protector of the princess, Akiko is intrigued by her desire for independence. Akiko begins shadowing her older sister, trying to figure out what all the fuss is about by joining her in track team. Akiko quickly becomes bored with "running in a circle," however, and and only manages to keep her enthusiasm by wanting to show Natsuko that she's not a quitter.

When Natsuko suggests that Akiko take up her old interest during their Nehellenia days--taking care of animals instead of training them--at first Akiko is aghast. After all, Akiko's methods back then were tantamount to animal abuse. But when she encounters a colony of abandoned housecats in a nearby park, Akiko finds herself drawn to the animals despite herself...

Transformation Phrases

Vesta power, make up!
Akiko transforms into Sailor Vesta in an inferno of flame.


Amazoness Jungle Arrow!
Long, sharpened vines hurtle towards the enemy, stabbing them.
Pink Ladies Freezing Kiss!
Performed with the help of Sailor Pinkmoon, this attack covers the opponent in ice, rendering them immobile.


Similar to a watch, Vesta's communicator allows her to contact the rest of the Quartet, Helios, and Sailor Pinkmoon.