Sailor Venus

"There's sort of this unspoken feeling...our duty is to the Queen, not to ourselves. Getting attached would mean compromising our vow to protect her."

  • Name: Aino Minako
  • Princess Title: Venus
  • Element of Influence: Metal
  • Abstract Idea: Love
  • Birthday: October 22nd
  • Astrological Sign: Libra
  • Height: 5'2"
  • Favorite Colors: yellow and red
  • Favorite Food: curry
  • Least Favorite Food: Shiitake
  • Hobbies: chasing after idols, shopping
  • Favorite Subject: Physical Education
  • Least Favorite Subjects: Mathematics, English
  • Strengths: supportive, charismatic
  • Weaknesses: flighty, easily distracted
  • Crystal Color: Copper

The leader of the sailor guardians of the inner planets and Neo Queen Serenity's loyal servant, Princess Venus guards her princess with her life. Although Venus sometimes strikes those who don't know her as flighty or obsessed with dating and frivolity, the truth is that when it comes to her job as a head of state and a sailor senshi, Venus is deadly serious.

Perhaps too serious. When Eros leaves Nemesis and rejoins his lady as the priest of Venus, he is alarmed to find that she has put aside any serious romantic aspirations because of a misguided belief that settling down or "getting serious" with a lover will compromise her ability to perform her duties. Shocked that his Lady is putting aside love, the very idea that she represents, Eros becomes intent on convincing her that love may not just come before duty--it may be her duty itself....


A copper-colored tiara studded with jewels of topaz, opal and lapis lazuli. It is formed of graceful half circles intersecting with its supporting band.
Copper Crystal
A copper colored crystal, it gives Minako control over her element and abstract idea. Her element, metal, can summon chains, cover areas in metal plating, and create cages and shields from thin air. Her abstract, love, can cause strong feelings of romantic love and passion in targets who were previously uninterested in each other.

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