Sailor Titan

"My past is all I have. My hatred of you is all that makes me breathe. If I put that behind me, I am nothing."

  • Name: Seisui Han'i
  • Princess Title: Prodosia
  • Element of Influence: Black Water (A motile, ooze like liquid)
  • Abstract Idea: Retribution
  • Age: 13
  • Birthday: September 1st
  • Height: 5'4"
  • Astrological Sign: Virgo
  • Hobbies: Writing, Reading, Studying
  • Favorite Color: Blue
  • Favorite Gemstone: Sapphire
  • Favorite Food: Sushi/Sashimi
  • Least Favorite Food: Hamburgers
  • Favorite School Subject: English
  • Least Favorite School Subject: Math
  • Strengths: Determined, articulate
  • Weaknesses: Histrionic, vengeful
  • Crystal Color: Red

Seisui seems to be the picture of virtue. She's intelligent, modest, polite, and unobtrusive. A model Japanese teenager. A girl that, while antisocial, is undeniably likable.

That, however, is only the surface.

In truth, Seisui is bitter, angry, and twisted. Her father, once a member of Neo Queen Serenity's royal council, was demoted for slander and treason. His words against the Queen marked the first criticism of Serenity's rulership since the time of the Black Moon. Besides being punished for his crime, he was purified; stripped of his anger, hatred, and radical leanings.

It was Purification, not demotion, that spawned Seisui's anger. Although seemingly an innocent punishment, Purification wipes people of all negative emotion. Even the Queen was not aware of it's terrible consequences. Their hatred for other people destroyed, rapists and murders are loved as equally by those who are purified as their own wives and children.

The selfish love of children does not allow for such equity. And Seisui, old enough to perceive a difference between her father's personality after his "punishment," soon bore a grudge against the queen.

It was when she entered high school that Sailor Charon and Kouken, her ferret guardian, informed her of her history as Sailor Titan. The Senshi of a moon destroyed by Queen Serenity's tyrannical and power hungry ancestor, Diana, it was her duty to destroy Chibi-Usa before Diana could be reincarnated as the Crown Princess's daughter. Happy to receive her newfound powers, Seisui had finally found a way to take the revenge she desperately desired. And rather than merely kill Chibi-Usa, the real threat to the Moon Senshi's continued existence, Seisui set her sights on Neo Queen Serenity...

Transformation Phrases

Titan prism power, make up!
Sailor Titan is enveloped in her guardian element, Black Water, and transforms into Sailor Titan.


Black stream death!
A volley of vicious, animal like faces form from black water, launching themselves at the enemy and tearing at their flesh.
Quietus Riposte!
The faces of those wrongly killed form from black water, launching from behind Sailor Titan and eating her enemy. This attack appears during Arc 3.


Transformation Locket
Nearly identical to Sailor Moon's first brooch, Seisui's brooch is colored red and blue. The four beads on the outside are colored her colors and the colors of Sailor Saturn, respectively. It has an empty setting that once held her crystal.
Similar to a watch, the name of a moon is typed into the communicator to enable an audio-video channel with another senshi.
Red Crystal
Sailor Titan once possessed a crystal akin to Sailor Moon's. The crystal has two powers; that of her element and that of her abstract idea. Her element, Black Water, is a strange, motile ooze that forms itself into vicious creatures. Black Water is conscious and has the ability to feel and think. Seisui has a strange emotional connection to her guardian element; unbeknownst to others, it occasionally contacts her and encourages her to engage in vengeful acts. Her abstract idea, retribution, has a somewhat uncanny connection to her personality. When the crystal is active, Seisui can call upon this power to drive her enemies to a maddening obsession with vengeance. Until the three powers are united, however, Seisui's crystal is useless.
inherited from her father, Councilor Han'i tried to use this dagger to kill the queen. The ivory handle is shaped like a viper and holds a garnet orb.