Sailor Phoebe

"Don't talk to me about self-hatred! I know more about that than you'd ever dare. And it's none of your business, anyway."

  • Name: Yamiko Hoshino
  • Princess Title: Asteria
  • Element of Influence: Darkness
  • Abstract Idea: Hopelessness
  • Crystal Color: Black
  • Age: 16
  • Birth date: November 4
  • Astrological Sign: Scorpio
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Hobbies: Cooking, reading
  • Favorite Color: Black
  • Favorite Gemstone: Garnet
  • Favorite Food: Ramen
  • Least Favorite Food: Sushi
  • Favorite School Subject: Home Economics
  • Least Favorite School Subject: P.E.
  • Strengths: Cautious, pragmatic
  • Weaknesses: Cowardly, thin-skinned

Yamiko doesn't want to get involved.

Enrolled in prestigious schools from a young age, her parents believed in making sure she grew up to be prepared in life and take over the company her father so proudly founded. Their older daughter, Sayoko, was far too much of a slob and a rebel to accomplish something; they loved her, but they knew when to give up. Yamiko, on the other hand, showed all the promise. She was quiet and reserved, like any self-respecting Japanese lady. She got good grades. She, unlike her sister, dressed in a manner befitting her class and prospects.

But Yamiko wasn't interested in her prospects. In fact, she wasn't really interested in anything. Mostly, she wanted to escape. Escape responsibility. Escape her life.

She succeeded. When she was 13, her parents died in a train crash, leaving Yamiko a huge inheritance--enough to live her entire life on. But this, she realized, was not the escape she wanted.

Yamiko soon forgot all her resentment toward her parents. All she could remember were the times her mother made her breakfast, took her on picnics and treated her like a princess. She sank into depression. She stopped going to school. She started taking anti-depressants.

Yamiko finally went back to school after a year-long vacation. She met Tokimo. Rather than being uplifted by Tokimo's cheerful nature, Yamiko was only disgusted by her lack of intelligence. When Kouken told her she was a Moon Senshi--destined to kill Chibi-Usa--Yamiko only became even more disgusted. She severed all ties with the Moon Senshi and vowed not to get involved.

But as Tokimo tells her, Yamiko may not have a choice. And when the Crimson Eagle convinces her to join him in his ordeal to stop the Senshi from destroying each other, she finds herself being reluctantly pulled into the escalating conflict...

Transformation Phrases

Phoebe prism power, make up!
Yamiko is enveloped in shadow and transforms into Sailor Phoebe.


Shadow Dragon!
A chinese dragon, formed of darkness, sprouts from Sailor Phoebe's hands and attacks the enemy.
Dark Garrote!
A hand of darkness surrounds the enemy, blinding them and making it difficult to breathe.


Transformation Locket
Yamiko's brooch resembles Sailor Moon's first brooch, but is black and silver. There are four stones, two of Phoebe's colors and two of Saturn's. There is an empty setting inside that once held her crystal.
Similar to a watch, the name of a moon is typed into the communicator to enable an audio-video channel with another senshi.
Black Crystal
Sailor Phoebe once possessed a crystal akin to Sailor Moon's. Like Sailor Moon, it had an element and an abstract idea. Phoebe's element is shadow. When called upon, she can shroud huge areas in darkness, blind enemies, or darken ambient lighting. Phoebe's abstract idea, hopelessness, can invoke feelings of desperation and failure in it's victims. Often, victims will commit suicide. They may also seek other forms of escape, including sleep, reclusiveness, or the effects of other abstracts, such as purification and corruption.