Sailor Miranda

"That's all I do anyway. Waste time. There's nothing left in me that isn't wasted."

  • Name: Fubuki Jujutsu
  • Princess Name: Chione
  • Age: 15
  • Height: 5'5"
  • Birthday: Oct. 15
  • Blood Type: O
  • Element of Influence: Snow and Ice
  • Abstract Idea: Violence
  • Favorite Colors: Black and Green
  • Favorite Food: Instant Curry
  • Least Favorite food: Okonomiyaki
  • Favorite Subject: None
  • Least Favorite Subject: Literature
  • Strengths: Brave, Sharp-witted
  • Weaknesses: Reckless, Violent
  • Hobbies: Smoking
  • Crystal Color: Green

Fubuki is a constant slave to her anger. She is desperate to destroy everything which infuriates her; numerous beyond count and ever-present, she sees everything that sets her off as an excuse to exercise her deviant behavior.

Her personality couldn't come as much of a surprise when compared with her father's. A dedicated member of Serenity's police force, his career was more centered around the "legal thrills" that the profession offered than the chance to administer justice to Serenity's stray lambs. Low on the chain of command, he wasn't even authorized to carry a tranquilizer gun; but that didn't stop him from pursuing criminals--and violence--with zeal.

His zealousness did not serve him well. On the verge of a promotion, he became involved with a gun fight between rival drug gangs. He was caught in the crossfire. His funeral honored him as a matyr for the queen.

But Fubuki's mother was convinced she knew "the truth" of he situation. Her father had sinned. By seeking sport in hurting others, he had condemned himself. Soon Fubuki's mother was following the Church of Serenity, a religion which preached that Serenity was the return of god.

Even though Fubuki was young at the time, she admired her father more than anyone. So when her mother started preaching her ideas about her father and forcing her to accompany her every sunday to Church, Fubuki became bitter. She became even more bitter when her mother began to neglect her in favor of a high-paying corporate career. Though she pretended to like her mother's lack of attention since it gave her newfound independence, part of her was still attached to the family they had once been.

But Fubuki knew how to get her revenge and find her escape. She became violent and unruly. She started taking drugs. She swore constantly in her mother's presence. Soon, she also began to blame Serenity for her father's death. It was her fault, she reasoned, for not giving him a way to defend himself. No would could, with nothing but a "fucking stick."

So when Kouken tells her that she is, in fact, Sailor Miranda, Fubuki has mixed feelings. On one had, some "lame squirrel" is trying to involve her in an age-old conflict for which she has no concern, and even worse, force her to wear a really ugly uniform. On the other hand, her revenge on those she hates may finally be at hand....

Transformation Phrases

Miranda prism power, make up!
Fubuki is surrounded by a flurry of snow that transforms her into Sailor Miranda.


Arctic Blades!
Two buzz-saws are formed from diamond-hard ice. They fly through the ground toward their victim, slicing their skin.
Rimy thorns!
Razor-sharp icicles grow from Miranda's palms and stab her opponent.


Transformation Locket
Akin to Sailor Moon's, Fubuki's brooch is green and black. It has four stones on the outside; two are Miranda's colors (green and black) and two are Uranus'. There is an empty setting that once held her crystal.
Similar to a watch, the name of a moon is typed into the communicator to enable an audio-video channel with another senshi.
Green Crystal
Like Sailor Moon's crystal, Miranda's holds the awesome power of her element and abstract idea. Her element is snow and ice. It can be called upon to create gigantic blizzards, freeze huge expanses, and summon arctic winds. Miranda's abstract, violence, sends the target into a violent frenzy from which there is no escape.
Fubuki's father wore her trenchcoat as part of his uniform in Serenity's police force. When he died, it was the only thing Fubuki was able to salvage that represented her father; everything else was sold or destroyed by her mother. Fubuki wears it constantly and clings to it in her sleep; she is constantly afraid that her mother will take it from her.