Sailor Ariel

"The gods were supposed to be my guidance. If I am one of them, then who do I look to now?"

  • Name: Deidre O'Reily / Kazeko Shirochize
  • Princess Title: Oreithya
  • Element of Influence: Wind
  • Abstract Idea: Prophecy
  • Age: 16
  • Birthday: March 1st
  • Height: 5'8"
  • Astrological Sign: Pisces
  • Hobbies: Puzzles, Art
  • Favorite Color: Lavender
  • Favorite Gemstone: tanzanite
  • Favorite Food: Ice cream, Irish scones, crab rangoons
  • Least Favorite Food: quick bread
  • Favorite School Subject: Art, Math
  • Least Favorite School Subject: Chemistry, English
  • Strengths: Meditation, Introspection, Sensitivity
  • Weaknesses: Nervous, Agoraphobic, Weak-willed
  • Crystal Color: Indigo

From the beginning, Kazeko is bizarre and shrouded in mystery. Although her Irish roots are immediately apparent from her bright red hair and dark green eyes, Kazeko insists on being called by a Japanese name. Her real name, Deidre, is a secret that only her parents know; Kazeko begged and pleaded them to call her by her new name.

Kazeko's desperate desire to change her name comes from her need to remain hidden. The Queen's reemergence at the birth of Crystal Tokyo brought an onslaught of renewed religious faith, from the Church of Serenity to Neo-Catholicism to Kazeko's own religion, Druidism. With renewed religious faith, however, came renewed religious prejudice. For many years, these neo-Druids--those who embrace the queen as incarnations of the old Tuatha De Danann, their pagan gods--and traditional Roman Catholics squabbled relentlessly, intolerant of each other's faith. Eventually, a radical and disturbing splinter group of Catholics formed--The Catholic Order of Purification, or C.O.P., A KKK like organization who hunt down and slaughter druids as heretics. While some Druids fought back with their own extremist organizations, Kazeko's family and their fellow practitioners resolved to remain on the "true path" of Druidism--that of healing, introspection and guidance. Because their religion put them at risk, Kazeko's family and friends practiced their religion secretly and lived in a remote locations throughout Ireland.

For many years, Kazeko's family seemed to have found a way to practice their religion without persecution. But eventually, they were discovered. The ensuing slaughter left only Kazeko and her brother, Iain, alive.

Eventually Iain, too, fell protecting his sister, who was forced to flee. Hoping to escape her family's fate, Kazeko travels to Japan and finds herself in a small orphanage in Tokyo. Her foster parents, enamored by her exotic appearance and quiet, obedient personality, give her a home. Kazeko's fears still weigh on her heavily, and she pleads to be called "Kazeko" in order to better disguise her identity if the C.O.P. look for her name in a VR look up. Her only comfort in this strange, alien culture is the knowledge that she will be close to the gods she has so long looked to for guidance. She does not realize, however, that she may be a god herself...

Transformation Phrases

Ariel prism power, make up!
Kazeko is transformed into Sailor Ariel in a whirlwind of air.


Boreal tempest!
Ariel twists her arms together and a torrent of ice-cold air flies at her enemy, chilling them to the bone and covering them in lacerations.


Transformation Locket
Akin to Sailor Moon's, Ariel's brooch is lavender and indigo. It has four stones on the outside; two are Ariel's colors (lavender and indigo) and two are Uranus'. There is an empty setting that once held her crystal.
Similar to a watch, the name of a moon is typed into the communicator to enable an audio-video channel with another senshi.
Indigo Crystal
Like Sailor Moon's crystal, Ariel's contains the powers of her element and abstract. Her element, boreal wind, can turn areas into blizzard-filled expanses whose rushing gales make it difficult to move and function. Her abstract, prophecy, allows her or her target to see the future--but she must be careful, or this knowledge can drive her or others to madness...
Oak Staff
A staff made of the druid's most sacred tree, the oak, this staff was made from a fallen limb collected by Kazeko during her time in Ireland. as well as a functional walking stick, Kazeko uses it in numerous druidic rituals.
Bag of Runes
Kazeko uses this bag of stones inscribed with nordic runes to tell the fortunes of herself and others. She carries them with her at all times.