Eros of Aphrodite

"If I spend an eternity making up for the sorrow I caused you, Yamiko, and bring a smile to your face every day of your life... perhaps I will just approach deserving you."

  • Holy Land: Aphrodite
  • Abstract Idea: Love
  • Element of Influence: Gold
  • Age: 22
  • Birthday: September 30th
  • Astrological Sign: Libra
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Hobbies: Gardening, sewing, playing the bouzouki
  • Favorite Color: Gold
  • Favorite Food: Chocolate
  • Least Favorite Food: Greasy/heavy foods
  • Strengths: Charismatic, Romantic
  • Weaknesses: Narcissistic, Sensitive

Trained to be a lover par excellence, Eros was taught in all the arts of romance. A talented chef, a proficient tailor, adept at gardening and flower arrangement--as well as the more passionate skills of a lover--Eros was a model priest of Aphrodite.

Despite his mastery of his role, however, Eros' life often felt empty. His mother, the Queen of Venus, was shallow and manipulative--and he earned his position as Priest as much because she wanted to consolidate her power as because of Eros' skills. Soon after his installment as priest, she filled the positions of temple maends with friends and Venusian nobles and began to trot a long line of princesses and other prominent personages in front of him to be his future spouse. Though many of them feigned interest in Eros, really they saw him as a good lover and a powerful husband--and little else. Disillusioned with love and his role, Eros began to live a life of hedonism and selfishness, showing only a perfunctory interest in the potential spouses his mother trotted before him.

When Venus left their moons for Queen Diana's banner, Eros was left behind on a crumbling holy land, trapped in the form of a swan. Self-centered as he was, when Nemesis appeared before him with a way out of his predicament, he readily accepted it. He was even selfish and disillusioned enough to swallow her dark motives and attempt to seduce Yamiko with with the intention of breaking her heart and harvesting the negative energy that resulted from her sorrow. But when Eros finds himself falling for the woman he's supposed to betray, he finds himself in a thorny predicament...


Bow and Arrow
Gold and copper in color, Eros uses these to fight in a pinch.