Councilor Han'i

"My hands are heavy with sin...not because of what I tried to do, but because of what I'll end up doing to you, Seisui."

The father of Seisui and a former councilor of Crystal Tokyo, Council Han'i was once a well respected and educated man, known for his shrewd insights and sharp judgement.

That all changed, however, after the war of the Black Moon family. The once loyal councilor began to question if the dictatorship that Neo Queen Serenity created was really the utopia it promised to be. After all, the Earth had never been attacked by Chaos or the forces of darkness when the Silver Crystal hadn't existed on Earth--it was only after the re-emergence of Princess Serenity that the Earth came under threat from the agents of darkness. Moreover, the queen's well-intentioned "utopia" still had poverty, suffering, and laws that held the Queen above any criticism.

Angry at what he saw as the gross injustice of the Queen and her potential to create further disasters for the Earth, Han'i took matters into his own hands--he attempted to assassinate the Queen. His attempt went horribly awry, however, and he was purified, stripped of all negative emotions and made to love his worst enemies as much as his own family.

Of course, the Queen didn't realize that her merciful punishment stripped its victim of their entire personality, and not just their hatred. And the Queen's mistake becomes the seed of Seisui's twisted hatred...