Coeus of Metis

"Men may want love, to bring death or justice to their enemies, the strength of the sky and seas--but wisdom, my lady--that gives a man power over all of those things and more."

  • Name: Coeus
  • Holy Land: Metis
  • Abstract Idea: Wisdom
  • Element of Influence: Fresh Water
  • Weapon: Rapier and Main Gauche
  • Age: 17
  • Birthday: June 12th
  • Astrological Sign: Gemini
  • Height: 6' 1"
  • Hobbies: Reading, debate, philosophy
  • Favorite Color: Dark Blue
  • Favorite Food: Mint ice cream
  • Least favorite food: Curry
  • Strengths: Intelligence
  • Weaknesses: Cynicism

Coeus was born during the Rainbow Millennium, one of the only two sons born to Queen Tyche three millennia ago. Like any Mercurian, he honed his intellect to a razor sharp edge. A master of chess, computer programming, and and avid student of philosophy, he may even be as well educated and intelligent as Princess Mercury was at his age. As such, he was a natural choice to become Priest of Metis, the Holy Land of Mercury.

Coeus' promising youth was cut short, however, when Queen Diana severed the three powers. Mercury was one of the first planets to abandon its Moons and submit to her rule, and when Queen Tyche brought her daughters and servants to the Moon to serve their new Queen, she heartlessly left Coeus behind.

It was hard enough for Coeus when his brother, Mauros, was taken to Pluto at a young age to train as the next priest of Pluto and never seen again. Abandoned by all the female members of his family and all of his Maenads, Coeus came to think of women as unreliable, fickle, and selfish--and men as little better. Coeus left the rapidly declining Mercury and collected his brother, Mauros, from Hades--and went straight to Nemesis, who offered him a safe haven for himself and his brother in exchange for his loyalty. It was an easy bargain to make for the now-embittered Coeus, especially since Mauros' ill-socialization on Pluto meant that the true nature of their work for Nemesis was easy to obscure.

But when Coeus meets a disguised Tokimo and begins to talk to her, she begins to slowly chip away at his misogynistic tendencies. Though Coeus is at first derisive of what he sees as her ignorance, he slowly learns not to underestimate her strange brand of cleverness...


Similar to Princess Mercury's visor, Coeus can obtain technical readings on a target through a view screen on his glasses. Additionally, he can measure the stress levels of friends or strangers and determine how likely they are to be the targets of other priests.
Main Gauche and Rapier
A rapier and matching dagger, Coeus uses these to fight hand-to-hand in a pinch.